Photos show "Night at the Museum" youth event right before school started. Children (and as many adults !) enjoyed a tour of the museum, pizza in the dining car and then the movie "Night at the Museum" in the renovated sleeper car. Of course, "Polar Express" with hot chocolate and marshmallows were on hand for the Christmas event.


Business and Chamber meetings have been held in the train museum, as well as Christmas, birthday, and other social events.


Rental is $30. Refreshments and meals need to be catered in.

Each Tuesday morning from 10 to noon, residents meet to create their own works of art. Noted artist Diane Pollard of Fort Meade guides and instructs the classes. Class fee is minimal and artists bring their own supplies.

A little background:  Mosaic graciously renovated the train to its present pristine condition.  On the side of the train "Buford Brown, Engineer" is painted to honor the Fort Meade resident who masterminded the acquisition of the IMC engine from Fort Lonesome, the CSX dining and sleeper cars from Lakeland and CSX caboose from Mulberry, as well as the track to exhibit the ensemble. The dining car, sleeper cars, and caboose were actually used for men who worked the phosphate lines. While the engine and caboose are not public accessible, that is not true for the dining car, which has table cloths and stunning lighting for social events. The renovated sleeper car no longer has bunks against the wall, but rather murals depicting the history of Fort Meade which is the perfect setting for the weekly art class. Originally dedicated Sept. 27, 2001 in a much less attractive condition, the train is now transformed into a landmark in Fort Meade as a tribute to the railroad influence in the area, and a special place to enjoy yourself looking out the windows pretending you're taking a trip ... oh! and don't forget to buy a train whistle while you're visiting the museum! 

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